• Meeting room booking and canteen management across 60 locations, 600 meeting rooms and 5000 employees

    For Nykredit, the upgrade from Exchange Server 2007 to Exchange Online ment an upgrade to a new meeting room booking tool. AskCody® was there to help with solutions integrated directly into Outlook and Office 365.

    Meetings are an essential part of business. Especially for one of the largest Coorporate Banks in Scandinavia. Therefore, a well integrated meeting room booking tool to optimize utilization of meeting rooms and to create a smooth and easy booking process is key to improving productivity.

    In the process of upgrading the business critical Exchange 2007 on-prem Server to Exchange Online Nykredit had to find a new supplier for a meeting room booking solution that was:

    Well implemented into Outlook and Office 365

    Able to be configured as a hybrid solution leveraging the best from both on-prem environments and the power of the cloud

    Easy to implement and scale

    Most important: Easy to use without worrying about support issues

    Nykredit chose the AskCody® Meeting+™ and RoomFinder™ extensions for Outlook and Office 365 to be deployed for more than 60 locations, 600 meeting rooms, and for more than 5000 employees.

    With RoomFinder™ Nykredit’s employees can search for available rooms across multiple locations and across multiple time zones. Employees can easily search for meeting rooms that suit the purpose of their meeting, e.g. ”Video Conference” or ”Internal Meeting”, or search for meeting rooms with the right facilities or capabilities.

    With Meeting+™ the kitchen and canteen management, the AV provider, or facilities management always know exactly what, when, and where the ordered services need to be delivered.

    Nykredit can manage bookings of additional resources, workflows, items, bookings of corporate kitchens and canteens, and accept or reject bookings without worrying about changes or if meetings are rescheduled or moved to other meeting rooms.

  • Let guests and shoppers find their way with ease to shops, restaurants, butiques, lavatories or the department store.

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  • AskCody® WayFinder™ at Kolding Storcenter

    Kolding Storcenter (Kolding Shopping Mall) is a shopping mall with over 125 shops, 17 restaurants, a cinema, and a big department store.

    To give guests at Kolding Storcenter the best possible experience when navigating the mall, AskCody® has provided our wayfinding software for four cool interactive touch screen monoliths. The WayFinder™ for smartphones is also an integrated part of the solution.

    When entering the mall, guests can easily get an overview of the floor plan and interact with the WayFinder™ on the touch screen to find their way to the right shop or the service they need. When browsing around, mall guests and shoppers can use the WayFinder™ on smartphones.

    The map is designed with colors that match the names of the malls roads (Blue Street, Red Road), so the guests have a reference to what they see in the mall. The same map and wayfinding solution is avaible online so shoppers can get an overview and plan their jorney from home.

    This gives an altogether great experience!


    The key motivation for implementing AskCody® WayFinder™ at the mall was to:

    Provide a fast and easy to use wayfinding service for shoppers, visitors, and guests

    Provide a consistent and innovative wayfinding service across different platforms - both on smartphones and integrated into touch kiosks

    Avoid outdated and inconsistent maps! With AskCody® they can now update ALL wayfinding devices (kiosks and smartphone solution) with one single login from one webbased platform.

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  • AskCody® WayFinder™ is leading the way at Copenhagen Business School!

    Large scale smartphone based mobile wayfinding system integrated in campus app @ Copenhagen Business School.

    AskCody® WayFinder™ is leading the way at Copenhagen Business School. Located in Frederiksberg, close to the heart of Copenhagen, Copenhagen Business School (CBS) is housed in four modern campus buildings.

    Both the main complex at Solbjerg Plads, the architecturally acclaimed building by architect Henning Larsen at Dalgas Have and Kilen (the Wedge) reflect the characteristic Scandinavian style. CBS has also rebuilt parts of the former Royal Copenhagen porcelain factory, and all parts of CBS Campus are within walking distance.

    With a total area of almost 1.3 million square feet (sqm: 118,550) and a complex network of hallways, lecture rooms and auditoriums, more than 20,000 students and 1,300 staff members as well as a countless number of visitors, the key motivation for implementing AskCody WayFinder at CBS was to:


    Provide a fast and easy to use wayfinding service for students, tenants, staff and conference guests

    Free up resources for front desk employes to do their job rather than helping visitors find their the way

    Avoid students arriving late to class due to poor wayfinding and inaccessible auditoriums and lecture 

    Provide a consistent and innovative wayfinding service across different platforms - both on smartphones and the CBS website.




    "At Copenhagen Business School we did not have a wayfinding solution and it was very difficult to find your way indoors across campus buildings.

    Therefore we needed a wayfinding solution and AskCody met our needs perfectly. In addition, it was significant to us that AskCody WayFinder was new and innovative."


    Rasmus Jensen Project Manager, CBS




  • Red Cross University College

    The Red Cross University College (formerly the Red Cross School of Nursing) was founded in 1867 by Emmy Rappe and was the first secular nursing education in Sweden. Since its inception, Red Cross University College has provided nursing students with the competences and skills required to work globally, while also contributing to the development of the Swedish healthcare system.

    The University College was previously located at Sabbatsberg General Hospital but was relocated to the campus of the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), central Stockholm, in 2004.  A section of Red Cross University College's bright and airy office building dates from the second half of the 19th century. The latest addition at the Red Cross University was completed in December 2012 and aims to give students a stimulating area in which to socialize and relax.

    Red Cross University College offers a dynamic learning environment, and is home to more than 60 staff members and 650 students. With more than 5.000 sqft in Stockholm, Sweden, the key motivation for implementing AskCody at Red Cross University College was to improve the overall wayfinding experience to events rather than “static” destinations.



    Events and classes often reschedule so for the Red Cross University College, the key was to create a dynamic environment where people could find their way to events and that the digital wayfinding solution on both digital signage and on the smartphone was always up to date. Therefore the entire solution is integrated into their Outlook Calendar system.

    Because of the digital wayfinding and signage system they can now:

    Provide a fast and easy to use wayfinding service for students, tenants, staff and conference guests.

    Avoid students arriving late to class due to poor wayfinding and inaccessible auditoriums and lecture rooms.

    Free up resources and create a premium environment for all students.







  • A brand image can be as important as the goods or services it produces

    In the modern business world an organization’s brand image can be as important as the goods or services it produces.

    A strong brand image is a powerful asset, and a recognized and trusted brand identity makes people confident that the organization is dependable.

    Organisations can improve the overall experience of their brand even further with customized AskCody solutions, for visitors as well as staff, by for instance changing images on the digital room signs or even the physical cover of the product.


    AskCody VirtualReceptionist has been customized for Westbury National’s IMAGINE Showcase in Toronto (see it here), and at the Opportunity HUB co-working space the AskCody Welcome+ guest registration system (center) has been customized, not only from a SW perspective but also physically by leveraging the beautiful Armodilo “Sphere” desk stand with the OHUB logo laser edged into the face plate.

    Herschend Family Entertainment has chosen to customize their digital room signs, AskCody Today+, for their headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. 

    Herschend Family Entertainment is the largest family owned themed-entertainment company that operates several theme parks and tourist attractions across the United States. Herschend Family Entertainment chose to support their overall company mission “Creating Memories Worth Repeating ®” by using themes from some of their most popular theme parks and brands, Dollywood, Wild Aventures, Harlem Globetrotters, and more, in their portfolio to represent their meeting rooms.

    This solution is a fun, visual and creative way of using the identity of their brands to create a better experience at their offices, for staff and visitors alike.

  • “Creating Memories Worth Repeating®”

    Herschend Family Entertainment use customized AskCody Today+ for their headquarters in Atlanta, to support their overall company mission “Creating Memories Worth Repeating®” by using themes from some of their most popular theme parks and brands.

  • Find your way indoors with AskCody® at Aalborg University Hospital - Psychiatry

    WayFinder integration across smartphones, kiosks and digital signage, along with integration for static signage using QR-codes and NFC – Aalborg University Hospital - Psychiatry

    Aalborg University Hospital is one of four highly specialized university hospitals in Denmark. It serves as a joint cooperation within healthcare between North Denmark Region and the Faculty of Medicine at Aalborg University. Included in this cooperation is the Aalborg University and Aalborg University Hospital – Psychiatry, respectively. Aalborg University Hospital handles highly specialized regional functions for approximately 640,000 inhabitants, including parts of the Central Denmark Region, regional functions for approximately 490,000 inhabitants and basic hospital functions, except for certain elective procedures, for approximately 250,000 inhabitants.


    At the Psychiatric Hospital outpatients, visitors and employees are guided to their specific destination across all digital platforms and can navigate to more than 250 points of interest, clinics and nursing stations.

    At Aalborg University Hospital - Psychiatry these AskCody solutions have been implemented:

    AskCody WayFinder for smartphone

    AskCody WayFinder for large size kiosk (50" touch screen monolith)

    AskCody WayFinder for Web


  • Next generation hospital wayfinding system across smartphones and large size kiosks

    In the Central Denmark Region the hospital “DNV-Goedstrup” is the first hospital of its kind in Denmark to be built from scratch.

    The purpose of DNV-Goedstrup is to unify five existing hospitals into one ambitious and highly attractive “super” hospital with an estimated number of patients around 285.000 yearly.

    To make sure that DNV will have a premium digital wayfinding solution when established in 2017, a pilot project has been conducted on the Healthcare Clinic in Ringkøbing in order to evaluate digital platforms, flexibility, scale, time saved per patient, cost, etc in an attempt to predict the appropriate solution.

    For the pilot project four monolith large size kiosks along with 25 digital screens have been implemented with dynamic maps and patient registration for improved self-service, a better wayfinding experience, and a solution that is easily managed and updated.

    The integrated smartphone solution is used to guide people from parking spaces into the right clinics, and together with the complementary solutions thus creating one digital wayfinding solution that is easily accessible across multiple platforms.